First Impressions: Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are seen everywhere these days (along with micro blading and other new beauty trends). We had chatted for a while about getting them done, and we finally both decided that it was time to say bye to mascara for a bit and wake up with lashes!

We both wanted fairly natural lashes for our first time, in addition to that we both wear glasses nearly everyday so we couldn’t have anything too long (lashes hitting your glasses is a no-go).

We went to The Hideaway Lounge and got our lashes done by the owner, Rebecca. This cute little studio is in her home just outside of Abbotsford.


Neither of us knew what to expect as we had never done this before, Rebecca was so great in walking us through the steps and letting us know what exactly was going on! She applied a mixture of both volume lashes and classic to give length but also the look of more lashes.

After having the lashes applied they were full of volume and beauuuutiful (but not fake looking!), the best part is that they didn’t feel like anything was on our eyes and was nothing like applying false lashes from the drugstore! We both use the lash cleanser that Rebecca sells on our lashes each night to prevent skin oils and makeup building up (and this also helps the adhesive to stay).

After 3 weeks, your lash extensions will need a fill! This process will not take as long as the initial application (which takes around 2-2 1/2 hours). We have both said that when it is time for our fill, we would like to add a little bit more fluff + drama.

We would recommend this to anyone looking to eliminate that extra step in your makeup routine. These extensions are a fun way to add a bit more to what your mama gave ya!

Check out The Hideaway Lounge on Facebook and Instagram for further details and to stay up to date with special offers & promotions!

Until next time,

T & J

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