The Way We Wear It: Glasses



For this series we want to focus on brands or pieces that we love, and how we like to style them! We’re starting off with glasses because… well, we both love glasses and wear them nearly everyday; so styling them just comes with the territory!

Together we have a collection of 22 pairs of glasses! So even though we love each pair for a different reason, we obviously end up playing favourites. Some of our favourite pairs are quite similar, and a couple are even the same! We both love a good simple black or tortoise frame, just because it goes with everything. These are the perfect frames to wear to the gym, running errands, or when you’re dressing up. That being said, we also have a lot of fun frames. Ones that are more of a statement, with metal details, or in a fun colour!


Left to right/top to bottom: Vera (Ivory Tortoise), Prism (Taupe), Demain (Tortoise), Sea Breeze (Pink)


Aside from our beloved black/tortoise frames we both have a quite a few different pairs. Coloured, patterned, you name it! It’s great to switch up your frames with your outfits, even though we have our favourites (and its easy to reach for them everyday…) we think its important to know that there are no rules when it comes to glasses; when you wear glasses everyday that means you wear them with your best outfits, but also your sweatshirts + leggings – so mix it up + have fun! Changing your frames can give an outfit a totally different vibe. In the photos above + below you can see how different frames can work with the same outfit, each adding something just a bit different!


Left to right/top to bottom: Nostalgia (Black), Kam Dhillon 3044, Derek Cardigan 7012 (Tortoise), Derek Cardigan 7014, Derek Cardigan LOVE L746, Derek Cardigan 7012, Chilling (Matte Black)


We have always thought of our glasses to be a great accessory to an outfit. An outfit can be inspired by a pair of frames, or they can be that perfect final touch to pull the outfit together!

Generally we when we wear black or dark brown/tortoise frames they add a nice neutral touch, or can be the grounding accessory to a colourful/patterned look. When we opt for our clear frames, it usually adds some lighter + more unique flair! The lighter toned/clear frames also allow your makeup to really stand out, which we love, especially when we’re wearing bold lipstick.


Left: Prism in Taupe  // Right: Nostalgia in Black + Morning in Clear

Left: Aura in Black // Right: Chilling in Matte Black


Being that we wear glasses as often as we do, it’s become second nature for us to know how we like to style our different frames. If you want to see more of how we style + pair frames with certain pieces, check out our instagram (@itsdarlingblog), and keep an eye out for outfit posts here on the blog!

For anyone looking to purchase glasses from we do have a discount code, please feel free to use it anytime! It is: ITSDARLING20 and gets you 20% off of regular priced glasses.

If anyone would like to see how we choose frames + other tips and tricks to purchasing glasses, let us know in a comment here or on our instagram page (and use our hashtag #itsdarlingSTYLE so we can see how you style your glasses!).


Until next time,

J + T

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